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Barrette à cheveux mariée fleurs de pommier

Apple blossom bridal hair clip


The beautiful apple blossoms are made with love in my workshop based here in France. The apple blossom symbolizes knowledge, in the language of flowers it evokes love and perfection. Fine, light, delicate, hair sticks for a romantic and bohemian look.

  • Details

    ♥ Made in France.Each bar is composed of a white flower with Japanese seed beads. Each flower is handmade, the flowers are very strong and light. 

    ♥ The hair jewelry is made with a special jewelry wire.   The flowers are attached to a golden hair clip.

    ♥ The price is per set of 3 or 5 barrettes.

    In stock.


    To metropolitan France, letter followed (2-3 working days);

    To Europe, international follow-up letter (1 week);

    To the world (2-3 weeks).

Accessoire coifure mariée sur mesure France
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